What the world wants to know about Donald Trump

donald trump world wants to know

It’s true. One of the reasons I paddle board is to get away from politics, the media and everything in between. So whilst I wouldn’t normally post anything here that is politically minded, like many others, I am quite curious about Donald Trump. Or more precisely, I am curious about how other people see Donald Trump.

So I decided to go ahead and find out in the most democratic way I could. Yes, I turned to Google.

The below maps have been compiled using a VPN that ‘tricked’ Google into thinking I was in that country. I then typed in two simple search queries (“Donald Trump”, and “Donald Trump is”) and recorded the top 4 results. The results you see in the map are what I considered to be the most interesting. They are not necessarily the very first result. These results were all taken from 15th Nov 2016.

World Map Donald Trump


Europe gets it’s own map because the countries were too squished

Donald Trump Europe Map

I am very aware that only a small sample of countries have been included for both maps. This was mainly due to VPN and time limitations.

My personal favorite is Brazil. They appear to be more interested in some of Donald Trumps pop culture references like:

The Simpsons

donald trump
image taken from buzzfeed

and The Sith

Sith Trump Brazil

Image from Imgur

The list of countries and corresponding search queries is below:

Country Donald Trump Donald Trump Is
Argentina Children (Hijos) Going To Win
Australia Interview God
Austria Age Dead
Belgium 60 Minutes President
Brazil Simpsons The Sith (Star Wars?)
Canada Children Going To Win
Chile Salary (Sueldo) Democrat
Czech Home Alone Batman
Egypt Wwe Dead
Germany Women (Frau) Obama
Hungary Net Worth (Vagyona) An Orange
India Daughter Dead
Ireland Daughter Winning
Israel Net Worth Illuminati
Italy Biography Going To Win
Japan Jr Married To
Mexican Fortune (Fortuna) Awesome
Netherlands Home Alone Mad (Gek)
New Zealand 60 Minutes Full God
Panama News Awesome
Romania Hair Cancer
Russia Speech A Scapegoat
Saudi Arabia Vs Hillary Clinton A Democrat
Singapore Family A Pokemon
South Africa House He Dead
South Korea Young Obama
Spain Memes Democrat
Sweden Home Alone Batman
Switzerland Young Winning
Turkey Is He Ok (Oldumu) Going To Win
UK Net Worth A Muppet
USA (New York) Children A Democrat



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