About Pump Paddle Boards

We created Pump Paddle Boards to share our passion for exploration and fun on the water. 

We are freedom seekers

We believe there are few better feelings in life than enjoying the freedom offered by being on the water. Of course we love paddle boarding, but you will also find us surfing, fishing, kayaking, camping, kitesurfing or seeking out some other water activity. Pump Paddle Boards is a result of our desire to share our passion with other water based freedom seekers.

Why inflatable paddle boards?

After owning several regular (ie epoxy) paddle boards, Pump Paddle Boards founder (Jason) wanted a board he could take with him while vacationing at Lake Norman (NC). Surprised and a little frustrated with the lack of websites that were catering to inflatable paddle board enthusiasts, he decided to fill this void by creating a site dedicated to providing everything that iSUP lovers would need.

With boards, accessories and detailed information, we hope that we’ve created a site that caters for everyone; from beginners embarking on their iSUP journey, to advanced paddlers looking to round out their fleet of paddle boards.

Get involved

Got a question, love (or even hate) what we do, then please get in touch. We promise to do what we can to get you on your way to iSUPing towards freedom.

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