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February 13, 2017

I’ve been standup paddle boarding for a few years now – LOVE IT! My partner, on the other hand, was never the water sports type of gal. Normally, she stayed on the sands watching as I grabbed my inflatable standup paddle board (iSUP) and headed out into the water to have a ball!

Now, she wants in on the FUN. But like most beginners, is unsure of which board to choose. Of course, one of the fundamental iSUP criteria we were looking for was portability (since we don’t own a car). We also kept the following factors in mind when choosing our 5 best inflatable paddle boards:

Durability – Just how much wear and tear could the board withstand?

Stiffness – The maximum psi rating was a factor we looked out for as an indication of the board’s inflated rigidity and stability.

Package Contents – The extras you get that add value to your purchase.

User Reviews – We really needed to hear what other people had to say about their experience with different boards, so checking out paddle board reviews was important.

If you’re still a little uncertain about what you should be looking for, stop right now and spend 5 minutes reading our comprehensive guide on inflatable paddle boards.

Now that you know exactly what type of board you are after, here are the top 5 iSUPs that made the final cut as our best inflatable paddle boards.

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1. Atoll 11′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Atoll 11' Best Inflatable Paddle Board

Product Specs

Durability: Made of EVA foam, PVC and Atoll’s patented material

Stiffness: Pumps up to 15 psi; Drop-stitch construction

Portability: 22 pounds when fully inflated; three carry handles

Package Contents: Paddle, dual-action pump, repair kit, travel backpack, removable fin

Why is the Atoll 11’0″ Foot Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board consistently listed among the best inflatable paddle boards? Simple – it combines some really great features!

For starters, it’s lightweight but tough. That’s because it’s made of both PVC and EVA foam. The board is then completely wrapped on both the top and bottom with a material patented by Atoll to ensure that it feels solid and firm when you mount it.

So, don’t let the mere 22 pounds of this Atoll iSUP fool you. Once pumped up to the recommended 15 psi, its design makes it sturdy and stable enough to be used by a 250-pound person. Adding to its stability is the fact that it is 6 inches thick and 32 inches wide.

The included hand pump does give you a bit of work out (starting at about the 7 psi mark!) The fact that the pump is dual action, however, means you get done faster – just about 5 minutes to get the board fully inflated.

Some users may choose to upgrade to an electric pump which will dramatically cut the time and energy needed to inflate most iSUPs. Also likely to get a quick upgrade by many customers, is the very basic aluminum paddle that comes with the Atoll 11’0″ iSUP.

Overall, this is a good board at a good price. Due to its low weight, high stability and sturdiness, this is definitely the board you should be getting if you are a new paddle boarder.

2. Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer Inflatable 9’10” SUP

Tower Adventurer Paddle Board

Product Specs

Durability: Military grade PVC

Stiffness: Pumps up to 15 psi; Drop-stitch construction

Portability: 24 pounds when fully inflated; Does not come with a backpack

Package Contents: Inflation pump, 3-piece adjustable fiberglass paddle, patch kit, detachable center fin, a Tower branded deck pad

Do you need a really tough inflatable SUP? Built to last through practically whatever test you could throw at it, the Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer is one tough iSUP indeed! Mount it, and you might start thinking you are riding on a hard fiberglass SUP instead. The manufacturers even boast that you would not put a dent in it even if you ran over it (inflated) with your car.

Built 6 inches thick and 32 inches wide, this iSUP gets high marks for stability. It will comfortably support up to 350 pounds on the water when pumped up – that’s covers 2 adults, so grab a friend!

Reviewers of the Tower Adventurer don’t seem to mind too much that it does not come with a backpack. Having one as a part of the package would make things easier though. Just be sure to wipe the board dry before you deflate it, otherwise, it could create a wet mess in the trunk of your car.

This inflatable paddle board compares admirably to a standard fiberglass SUP in terms of construction and performance. If you know your board will definitely have to stand up to a lot of banging about or you plan on taking a friend on your next SUP adventure, then this board should be high on you list to consider.

3. ISLE Airtech Inflatable 10′ All Around Stand Up Paddle Board

Isle Airtech Inflatable Paddle Board

Product Specs

Durability: Military grade PVC

Stiffness: Drop stitch construction

Portability: 17.5 pounds when fully inflated; center carry handle

Package Contents: Paddle, carry backpack, high pressure pump and gauge, removable travel fin and repair kit

The ISLE Airtech Inflatable 10′ All Around Stand Up Paddle Board is a lightweight, top quality iSUP. This truly lightweight iSUP ranks with the best when it comes to quality of construction and features. It’s the type of paddle board you buy when you intend to put it to really rough and frequent use – it’s up to it!

The board’s deck has a diamond groove pattern which provides traction for your feet so you feel stable when you are standing and paddling. Contributing to this Airtech’s stability is its generous size when inflated – 10 feet long, 31 inches wide and 6 inches thick. The strength of the materials and the stability of the design mean this board can handle weights of up 240 pounds.

Persons who own and review the ISLE Airtech 10′ Inflatable All Around SUP, generally agree that it is an excellent choice for flatwater cruising and SUP yoga. It also is a good board for different environments which offer the challenge of small waves.

If you consider yourself to be a beginner or an intermediate SUPer, then going with this ISLE Airtech is a good decision. Plus, the manufacturer’s “Ride it and Love it or Return it!” guarantee makes it a no-brainer to try the ISLE Airtech out for 30 days to see if it suits your needs.

4. Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer 2 10’4″

Tower Adventurer 2 Inflatable Paddle Board

Product Specs

Durability: Military grade PVC

Stiffness: Pumps up to 15 psi; Drop-stitch construction

Portability: 24 pounds when fully inflated; Does not come with a backpack

Package Contents: 3 piece fiberglass paddle, fin and pumpIs it possible to find an iSUP that serves multiple purposes, features top-of-the-line construction and is sturdy enough for use as a tandem? Sure! Just have a look at the Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer 2.

Reviewers often comment on how much more rigid the Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer 2 feels when compared to most other iSUPs. That rigidity allows this iSUP to accommodate up to 350 pounds which means two persons can ride on it safely and with ease.

It is built strong and has a grooved deckpad so you feel stable on this 6-inch high board as you stand and paddle. The Adventurer 2 takes on both low key recreational activities and fast spaced sporting fun. Use it on flatwater or carry it out for some whitewater SUPing.

This convenient all-round board will also work wonderfully if you decide to go surfing on it. If you are into activities like SUP fly fishing, then there is plenty of room on your board for packing gear. The one drawback most persons mention with this board is the fact that it does not come with a carry backpack.

Ideal for all skill levels, the Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer 2 is the board to get if you want a board that will last a long time and which you can use in various water environments.

5. iRocker Paddle Boards Inflatable 10-Feet

iRocker Inflatable Paddle Board

Product Specs

Durability: Triple layered, military grade PVC

Stiffness: Pumps up to 15 psi; Drop-stitch construction

Portability: 28 pounds when fully inflated

Package Contents: High volume dual action hand pump, adjustable aluminum paddle, backpack and a repair kit

Although it’s a bit on the heavy side, the iRocker Paddle Boards Inflatable 10-Feet is a true contender when it comes to selecting a dependable iSUP. Its superior construction means this board is going to give you quite a few good years of high performance before you even have to start considering replacing it.

It is stable yet rides high in the water due to its 6-inch width. So, you can pump it up to the recommended 15 psi, hop onto its 30-inch wide deck and feel secure as you paddle along. Making your ride even sweeter, is the fact that the iRocker Paddle Boards Inflatable 10-Feet is streamlined to allow it to glide smoothly through the water.

If you weigh a lot, carry plenty of gear with you or like to take a friend along then this iSUP is will work perfectly as it is constructed to hold up to 350 pounds. The deck pad is slip resistant so you don’t need to worry about you or your passenger slipping off.

This iSUP enjoys mostly glowing reviews from customers who say apart from the inclusion of a leash, there is little that could be done to improve on the board’s features and design.

Get the iRocker Paddle Boards Inflatable 10-Feet and hit the water confident that you have one of the very best inflatable paddle boards.


It’s true – SUPing is certainly THE trend when it comes to outdoor recreational and sporting activities. One good reason for that is the awesome full body workout just by paddle boarding ! Having the right board is a big part of ensuring you get the most out of your SUPing adventure.

Hopefully, this review shows that there are plenty of great iSUPs out there for you to choose from. Our best pick is the Atoll 11’0″ Foot Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. It gets high marks all round as the best iSUP to make your next water adventure memorable, safe and exhilarating!

Happy paddle boarding!

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