You should be out iSUPing!

The great escape

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (or just ‘SUP’) is one of the fastest growing water sports in America. This awesome family-friendly water activity has to be the best way to break free of the stuff that gets you down! Now absolutely anyone can escape onto the water, with the go-anywhere freedom of a board that doesn’t rely on waves or currents or speedboats. Cruising flat water, catching small waves, touring lakes and rivers – even riding white water(!) – it’s all part of the deal. Enjoy with friends or work colleagues, take your kids along, take the dog – SUP is for everybody. Your freedom is limited only by your imagination…

The workout

SUP gives your body an unreal workout – and you’ll be having way too much fun to notice the 350+ calories dripping away every hour. Of course, for those who are really into the health benefits, there’s always SUP yoga, the latest – and most engaging – trend in yoga, with the traditional mat replaced by a SUP!

The bottom line

Water sports can be expensive, right? Well, the good news is that the set-up costs for SUP, as well as its ongoing expenses, just aren’t in the same ballpark as activities such as boating, kayaking or waterskiing, and it rates as one of the most affordable water sports.

So, SUP is a sport that almost sounds too good to be true – little wonder that in recent years it has become a favorite water sport for literally millions of Americans. So how could we possibly improve on this winning formula?

The next generation – iSUP!

What if you could pick up your paddle board and carry it around with you as easily as a backpack? This is where Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards (iSUPs) come in, pushing “go-anywhere freedom” to the limit! Now you can leave the roof rack at home, along with the trailer, the truck, or whatever else you would normally use to transport a bulky board – all you need is your rolled-up board and your pump. Pack it up to take along on your next vacation – you can even take it overseas with you.

And at the end of the day all you need to do is deflate it, and storage is a snack.

Why Pump Paddle Boards?

There are lots of SUP suppliers out there, and several of them supply iSUPs as well.

But at Pump Paddle Boards we just do iSUPs. Nothing else, just iSUPs.

While we love the other water sports too, we proudly specialize in iSUPs, because we believe you deserve to be served by a specialist in the field. When it comes to inflatable paddle boarding we are acknowledged experts, and have a solid reputation as one of America’s most trusted and respected authorities on all things related to iSUPs. When you choose to buy an iSUP from us, this expertise underpins your purchase and your after-sale experience. You will also be assisted by our comprehensive and easy-to-follow iSUP beginners guides, and our ongoing commitment to support you in getting started – be assured we will not be happy unless you are!

So if you’re thinking about iSUPs, make Pump Paddle Boards your first call – we feel certain it will be your last.

To find out more, take a look at our comprehensive and up-to-date resources, or just contact us now and we’ll get it all happening for you.

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